Founded in 1988, the Canadian Woodworking Machinery Distributors Association (CWMDA) is a trade association dedicated to promoting woodworking machinery in Canada. Its members are reputable manufacturers and distributors that operate permanent facilities in the country. They are leaders in their respective fields, representing internationally recognized and prestigious brands, offering the finest in new technology to the Canadian woodworking industry, helping our manufacturers to improve their technological competence and competitiveness. CWMDA members share several values and offer services with the objective of assisting the industry in various ways. Here are some key points:


It is a challenge to improve your processes and adapt to new production methods. In this complex world, a bad decision can be costly. This is where the professional advice offered by our members comes in line.


Through its code of ethics, the CWMDA subscribes to the principles of good business conduct and encourages its members to adopt and put them in practice. You can expect that contracts and warranties will be honored.


In order to promote workforce succession, the CWMDA makes scholarship donations to recognize student efforts and success in leading post-secondary woodworking programs in Canada. (See our scholarship page)


Our members support the efforts to harmonize the internationally recognized CE Norms, under which machinery is manufactured, installed and run, with those of Canadian ministries of Labour, in an effort to ensure the proper installation and safe operation of machines in Canadian manufacturing facilities.


The CWMDA aims to facilitate communication between members and the woodworking industry to better understand the challenges faced by the industry. Through this dialogue, we understand better the needs of our customers across the country. We are all in this together.

This is what we are here for !

All in all, the CWMDA contributes to making our Industry more competitive and helps you in making a sound investment. When you deal with a CWMDA member, you know that the value will be there and that you can investment will be worthwhile.